Meet our team

At IDPI we’re passionate about delivering global training and operational solutions to organizations around the globe. We are a team of seasoned DEI professionals who are academics, university professors, DEI subject matter experts, organizational executive and development specialist who have developed DEI training solutions for your team and DEI professionals. We work to optimize organizational structures to sustain enriching, diverse, equitable, and inclusive work ecosystems while maximizing performance. For more than 35 years collectively, our team has trained more than 500 DEI industry professionals and developed DEI strategies across 5 continents.

Dean of idpi learning

Dean of the DEI Leadership Certification Program, Darrylyn is Harvard trained in Leadership/Management and has over 30 years of DEI experience as a strategist and trainer. She utilizes neurological methodologies to educate people about systems of oppression and to dismantle ideologies about discrimination.

expert deai content developer & facilitator

Although leading with compassion and understanding, Dr. Baker is intent and unapologetic in identifying and countering systematic oppression in an effort to release the power of equity and inclusion. He delivers tools, goals and systems to ensure your learning environment has a successful outcome.

expert deai content developer & facilitator

Leader and Changemaker, Dr. Vilhauer helps public, nonprofit, and private organizations as she facilitates workshops on organizational systems, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She works with leaders to reach their full potential and is an expert in understanding how data and metrics drive success.

expert deai content developer & facilitator

Dr. Esver’s passion is in creating communities of practice and infusing principles of justice, equity, and inclusion through the use masterful educational tools, strategies and technologies.

learning and development manager & facilitator

Carla is the Program Director for the IEDEIA DEI Leadership Institute and Certification Program. She has extensive experience and background in developing and implementing DEI programs that effectively engage and encourage relevance to the participants learning, work and everyday life environment.


Michelle is a dynamic professional with more than 15 years of leadership experience, in Finance, Technology and education. She develops and leads high-performing teams, by recruiting the best talent in the industry. Leading people from good to great, or great to excellent is Michelle's passion.

CUlture analyst

Conor Healy is driven to help people and organizations make good decisions using data. He has completed research for public, nonprofit, and private organizations including what he calls data magic: gathering and organizing data, statistical analysis, visualization, and summarization of insights for timely and meaningful action. He also teaches the research design fundamentals and data science at UC Berkeley.

DEI Leadership Coach

Our DEI Leadership Coach, Dr. Davis, has over 30 years of experience in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, She is a highly skilled and passionate professional dedicated to helping organizations foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. Her expertise lies in developing and implementing effective DEI strategies that drive positive change within companies. Dr. Davis' leadership guidance will take your organization's DEI efforts to the next level.