Our Approach

Developing a foundation for DEIA leaders to excel

DEIA is a dedicated discipline and strategy, not just an HR strategy. As such, DEIA leaders must learn the impact of individual and organizational biases, and the impact of historical systems of oppression, stereotypes, pre-judgments and bias. DEIA needs a seat at the executive table with an understanding that DEIA is a much broader concept that should be integrated into overall strategy, planning and operations. Our goal is to train and develop DEIA practitioners and leaders to understand the impact of DEIA on the organization, it’s brand, the employee lifecycle, HR policies, workplace culture, psychological safety, decision making and more. Using an engaging and interactive approach, which may also utilize augmented reality, we train practitioners and leaders to lead, support, and drive DEI while being accountable to the organization’s and the individuals' goal of creating an equitable environment that fosters a sense of belonging.

Certificate Courses

An organization is only as good as its culture, and training individuals within your organization to be inclusive, anti-racist, understand their unconscious biases, and how to look for equity and more, will help build your culture of belonging. Headlines today prove that employees are holding organizations accountable for fair and equitable treatment, but often times it’s deemed to be the responsibility of organizational leaders. We challenge that concept and believe it’s the responsibility of all staff. The IDPI certificate courses will help build awareness, uncover the cognitive and emotional challenges that keep people holding on to their beliefs, which drive actions and decision making, and provide an understanding of elements that are needed to build an inclusive work environment. The IDPI certificate courses fosters diverse and inclusive cultures and helps individuals and teams collaborate, communicate and perform better.

Identifying interventions surrounding unconscious bias and specific diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, our courses are appropriate for anyone committed to building awareness and learning to participate in creating and supporting an inclusive work culture.

Certification Programs

In today’s world, effective DEI leadership matters in helping to make an organization a more supportive, engaging and equitable place to work.  IDPI certificate programs, which are SHRM accredited and provides DEI practitioners and leaders with credentials, helps participants explore today’s most pressing diversity and inclusion topics, including equity, unconscious bias, psychological safety, inclusive leadership, and cross-cultural conversations. Participants enhance their DEI competencies and their understanding of the perceptual, institutional, and psychological processes that impact the ways people interact with each other, which impacts fair treatment and decision making.

Whether participants are looking to improve their core DEI leadership skills or need the insights and tools to implement change within their organization, the IDPI certification programs are explicitly designed to address key needs at specific career stages, and will help maximize their effectiveness, efficiency and impact.

Our unique approach uses a combination of online courses, live masterclasses, immersive augmented reality experiences and AI to facilitate learning to begin or review and solidify the mission, vision and values of the organization, the equitable outcomes of products and/or services delivered, how to ensure equity with clients, customers, vendors and communities, and how to identify internal areas of inequities in policies, programs and practices. And the underpinning of the certification programs also centers the people within the organization feeling psychologically safe to also identify inequities and to help create a culture of belonging.

A Cognitive and Emotional Approach to Disrupting BIAS

Our programs are backed by neuroscience, developed by University professors, researchers, equity and inclusion experts and practitioners. We partner with IEDEIA utilizing the D.I.S.R.U.P.T methodology to help DEIA practitioners understand how to shift the hearts and minds, utilizing both cognitive and emotional approaches of uncovering bias, which is a foundation of stereotyping, prejudgments and discrimination.