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Changing policies and practices in DEIA does not shift hearts and minds, or creates a culture of belonging. Leaders must be BOLD enough to act, WILLING to learn the history and impact of oppression, then COURAGEOUS enough to disrupt systemic inequities that exist.

Powered by historical knowledge, practical application, community and societal feedback, understanding proven methodologies, strategies and implementation tools, the IEDEIA faculty has developed 3 certificate programs that will elevate your skills, knowledge and abilities to lead DEI efforts.

Are you interested in people within your organization receiving CERTIFICATION to become a recognized DEI Professional and Practitioner? Ask about the following certifications:

  • EILP – Equity, Inclusion and Leadership Practitioner (DEI Executives, Sponsors and Leaders)
  • PDP – Professional Diversity Practitioner (DEI practitioners responsible for leading DEI within your organization)
  • EDIS – Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist (DEI Specialist/Generalist)