Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist (EDIS)

About the certification

The International Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professional Institute (IDPI) provides a 4-week intensive, interactive certification program. The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist (EDIS) will be equipped to provide support or direct oversight of equity and inclusion programs that enhance and amplify DEI priorities, goals, and initiatives within your organization. EDIS certified individuals will have the knowledge, skills and abilities to help drive strategic projects and implementation, and be able to align strategic DEI communications. As an EDIS certified professional, you will be equipped with the knowledge to develop a sustainable approach in identifying equity opportunities within the organization and assist in overall DEI planning.



Week Roadmap

Your Resources and Tools

DEIB Resource Toolbox

Get access to this interactive learning library to continuously stay up-to-date with everything DEIB.

How to Plan and Implement New D&I Strategy

Get hands-on by going through a process of how to implement a new D&I strategy.

Worksheets and Discussion

Each week has worksheets, exercises, and activities to enhance learning and adaptation.



Success Strategies in Leading DEI(A) Efforts

REVIEW critical steps needed to embed DEI within your organization

LAY the right foundation by gaining leadership buy-in and demonstrating the ROI

ESTABLISH the difference between tactics and strategic development and implementation

UTILIZE change management principles to drive change at the organizational and individual levels


DEI Strategic Planning Process

IDENTIFY DEI strategic planning success factors and begin the strategy process

GATHER data using culture and DEI surveys, and analyze their results

GAIN buy-in through strategic communication about the goal and the WIIFM

INCORPORATE best practices and strategy tools (SWOT Analysis, SMARTIE Goals, Appreciative Inquiry)


DEI Compliance, including Accessibility

COMMUNICATE the legal importance of DEI as a business strategy and humanistic imperative

UNDERSTAND the legal components of DEI (EEOC laws by state)

MITIGATE the impact of unconscious bias and minimize biased behaviors

IDENTIFY opportunities to minimize your organization’s exposure to harassment and discrimination threats


Utilizing proven tools to embed DEI and Belonging in your organization

ASSESS the impact of equity on organizational culture and belonging

PRE-PLAN for conducting an organizational and department equity assessment

LEARN the process of conducting an Equity Audit, using the appropriate tools

IDENTIFY actions to take when policies, practices and program create disparate outcomes