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  • You want to lead a culture where inclusion and belonging are a core business value.
  • You want enhanced knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively lead DEIA.
  • You want equitable programs, policies, and practices to be embedded in your organization.
Organizational and community equity and inclusion change makers begin with IDPI

The International Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professional Institute (IDPI) provides intensive, certificate and certification programs that challenges participants to analyze their own beliefs, biases and actions. The courses and programs provides content and context about the institutional systems that support hierarchical supremacy, the learning and unlearning of biases, the need and benefit of using their voice, the structures of power and privilege that hinders social equity, and provides evidence based tools and methodologies. Designed by University academics, faculty and practitioners, and organizational executives, the IDPI program equips participants to positively affect societal and organizational change in your organization and community.

Our programs are industry leading
Backed by neuroscience, developed by university professors, researchers, equity and inclusion experts and practitioners, the IEDEIA Leadership Development Certification programs utilize the D.I.S.R.U.P.T. methodology to help shift the hearts, minds, beliefs, and actions of bold and courageous individuals, teams, and organizations.
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Our Featured Certificate Courses

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Each certificate program includes four professional development units and can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. The content is relevant and timely and will increase your awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills to advocate for equity, belonging and justice.

Unlearning Racism And Understanding Anti Racism

Explore the sociological perspectives that impact negative perceptions on race, identity and inter-group relations. Participants learn the impact of systems and institutions that support inequities, and the connection to privilege and power. In this certificate course, participants learn tools to use their voice, influence, and privilege to recognize opportunities to take a stand as they educate and encourage others to dismantle the causes of social inequality.

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Impact of Unconscious and Implicit Bias

The unconscious bias certificate program moves past increasing awareness to understanding how our brain operates with mental shortcuts and how they can lead to prejudice, judgments and discrimination, often unintended. The program helps participants understand the needed steps to reduce the likelihood that bias will impact their decisions in everyday living as well as areas of performance monitoring and management, recruitment and more.

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Certification Programs for Industry Professionals

As a DEI leader and/or practitioner, it's crucial to increase your knowledge and sharpen your skills to drive DEIA into the DNA of your organization. Our certification programs, which are accredited and will provide learners with professional credentials, are designed to build on your existing skills and add new knowledge, and expertise to your toolkit. Participants will also be equipped to expand professional capabilities in the DEIA industry.

Why choose IDPI?

Here's 10 reasons. We are:


SHRM recertification provider


Globally recognized


Offer PDU and CEUs


Certification completion provides accredited credentials


Flexible learning methods, interactive and fun


Offer certificate courses AND certification programs


Academic and DEIA executives developed program content


Providers of historical context which uncovers the WHY


Evidence and data driven


Backed by neuroscientific research

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